Hi! Glad you came to check out my website.
I am doing stuff. I am currently creating an AI to replace me at my receptionist job, i play video games and i am trying to repair and then fly an rc plane.
as well as running the virtual space nowhere.gallery[currently on long hiatus]
Last thing I exhibited was a window at the Ars Electronica Festival.
I am working a lot in a duo called wonk. We recently showed a mockumentary at a Leonardo Laser Talk.
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September 2023 Ars Electronica
Parrallax Window
For the Ars Electronica Festival 2023 ("Who owns the truth?") I built a window.
Its a screen on a wall, decorated to look like a window. In the window is a reproduction of the landscape behind it. The camera on the screen tracks your face and displays the perspective of the landscape accordingly.

September 2023

click here to see on vimeo

Pareidolia is a documentary film written and directed by WONK about "Apophenia", a project curated by Fabricio Lamoncha for Kunsthalle Linz.

Script: Miguel Rangil & Till Schönwetter
Image Researcher: Miguel Rangil
Entranced person: Till Schönwetter
Camera: Volkan Dinçer
AI Content: Miguel Rangil, Aizhan Saganayeva
Virtual Space: Till Schönewetter, Ghazal Hosseini
Sound Design: Emma Tripaldi

Curator: Fabricio Lamoncha

Produced with the support of Kunsthalle Linz & Kunstuniversität Linz.

This is a group exhibition i was part of, curated by Fabricio Lamoncha. It happened in Kunsthalle Linz and the boat Florentine.
I was helping to create the virtual tour. Usually visitors can only see this tour by visiting the Kunsthalle in person and connecting to our local router, but since the exhibition ended here it is:

May 2023 in Haag at Ent Kunstverein
How to walk a space (today)
This was the first real time Miguel Rangil and I worked together as wonk.
We made a work about interstitial landscapes with 3D scanning and printing and a video game

Dezember 2022
This is a recursive interface i made for 2022 Sankt Interface
I won the award for flying Interface!

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